East Bay Angels - Street Medicine & Hygiene Kits

East Bay Angels is devoted to providing hygiene support to the people who are living in tents, RVs and their cars in California.  We address the problem, one person at a time. We form relationships. We are consistent.

You can read about what I have been doing people who have volunteered to help me do outreach here on my site: eastbayangels.org

I started this initiative because I wanted to focus on foot care -  so I make cream that treats trench foot.  After doing outreach for 10 years, most people have issues with their feet and fresh clean socks are always needed.  So I make foot care kits that have socks in them, and now masks.  


I also make herbal formulas for gum and teeth - which again --most of the folks who are unhoused have major issues with their teeth.  Herbal medicine is powerful, It works, and it's not woo woo.  I make stuff that can take away a toothache.  And that can heal inflamed gums.  Anti viral medicine does not have to come from the drug store. I am independently studying herbal medicine with 2 teachers who specialize in street medicine.

When you hire Van Gogh Design to update your site or refresh your logo, a portion of the funds go to buying supplies that I need to do street medicine on a weekly basis. I love doing it, and balance my outreach time with client projects. It's very important work to me and I want you to know you are indirectly supporting others when you hire my company.

Pre Pandemic


When I started East Bay Angels in December 2019, many of the people living in encampments in the East Bay at the time had no access to running water or soap.  I teamed up with Josephine on Next Door and we asked people in Berkeley for supplies like metal buckets, soap, and all the materials I needed to make herbal remedies.


People came through in a big way.   I have been distributing supplies for the last six months.  The generosity of humans who care about their unhoused neighbors never ceases to amaze me.  I always have clean socks, underwear, clothes, medicine, and fresh fruit to give out.  I have never run out of supplies and the need is so enormous, so I am grateful for how this project has been running smoothly, to this day. 

East Bay Angels