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I started an outdoor food bank!


Project: Food Rescue, Addresses Food Insecurity

Design of an Outdoor Kiosk that is open 24 hrs a day
Community Food Pantry that is stocked by me and neighbors

Timeline: Actively feeding people since October 2020

When you hire Veronica Van Gogh Design to update your site or refresh your logo, a portion of the funds will be allocated to buying food for people who are hungry in Berkeley, California. I stock an outdoor food sharing pantry on my street every day and have been doing this project since October 2020.  


In a nutshell, here's it how it works: Neighbors are invited to drop off and share food that is shelf stable from their own kitchens. They are invited to take what they need and leave something too. 


In two years, I have sourced $40,000 of food that would have been thrown away by local businesses. The focus is to help people who are experiencing food insecurity in my immediate neighborhood. Based on the speed at which food disappears once it's in the pantry, this project is very, very needed. It requires my attention and also my resources. I consider it a creative experiment. I design new signage for it all the time. I pay for all the materials, printing fees, food etc out of pocket. It's completely independent.


Please know you are directly supporting others when you hire my design services to support your business. There is a ripple effect! 

You can see photos and read all about this project on

Every Wednesday, my neighbor Kai does a pick up of 40-50 loaves of gorgeous ACME bread, that is designated for the pantry.  First, we package every loaf and roll in Kraft paper bags with cellophane so people can see what's inside. Then we put it in the pantry, with the honor system that people will not take more than their share.


We have been picking up and processing ACME donations for two years in March 2023. To think that all of that ACME bread would have just gone to waste and thrown into a dumpster. Instead, it was eaten by folks who cannot afford it. This is why we love this project -- it prevents food waste! And it feeds people! 

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