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I designed and ran a food bank on my street for 3 years.

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The Little Free Food Pantry 

Mutual Aid Project in Berkeley, California 

2020- 2023 

Gift Economics, Food Rescue, Food Insecurity, Honor System

I started this food project during the pandemic as a way to do something positive and tangible in my neighborhood. I made a daily commitment to stock it, clean it and pick up large quantities of bread and food donations to share with anyone who needed food. My neighbors donated food and hygiene supplies!  It was a labor of love!


I created partnerships with ACME bread, Berkeley Food Pantry, Berkeley Free Clinic and Musically Fed. ACME bread was provided every Wednesday for anyone struggling with food insecurity. We gave out over $80,000 of food, socks, hygiene supplies in three years. Since food has become very expensive, this really helped thousands of people out. We also saved tons of food from going into landfill. Visit the website to find all the things that worked and the things that were impossible to change when it is unregulated and open 24 hours a day. 

Visit the website

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