Mutual Aid Projects


When you hire Van Gogh Design to update your site or refresh your logo, a portion of the funds go to buying food for people who are hungry.  I currently stock an outdoor food pantry on my street every single day and have been doing this project since October 2020.  I absolutely love it.  So, I want you to know you are indirectly supporting others when you hire me to support your business. There is a ripple effect.

You can read about all of the mutual aid projects

that I have initiated on my other site
East Bay Angels

Here's a bit more in depth info on what I'm up to.

2019- 2020

Many of the people living in encampments in the East Bay (Berkeley and Oakland) have no access to running water or soap.  I teamed up with a friend Next Door and we asked people in Berkeley for supplies like metal buckets, soap, and all the materials I needed to make herbal remedies.


People have come through in a big way.   I have been distributing tons of supplies for over a year. Pet food, water, clothes, hygiene supplies and even things like duct tape.  Now my focus is on food and hygiene. I have received over 1000 masks and have distributed those through the food pantry and by doing on the ground outreach with volunteers.  The generosity of people who care about their unhoused neighbors never ceases to amaze me. I like creating projects that motivate people who have a lot to be generous. 


I always have clean socks, underwear, clothes, medicine, and fresh fruit to give out.  I have never run out of supplies as the need is so urgent, and to me, it's important to share my resources and ask people to share theirs as well.  This model works.  I have been doing DIY outreach for over a decade, and now with the pandemic it is evident that we have no choice but to help each other as a Collective.  Every act of kindness actually does make a difference. 

East Bay Angels

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